Think Pink & Green is committed to not just great customer service but also to providing excellent results, timely service and complete customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our focus each day is to run an environmentally and socially conscientious company. We genuinely believe in being green and understand the need to recycle to minimize the impact on our landfills. We also donate items that are still useful so that families in need can benefit as well. Most importantly, we donate a percentage of all our jobs to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which we are proud to support.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a fantastic organization we encourage our customers, friends and family to support them. Their focus is on preventing and curing breast cancer by advancing research.

To learn more about this organization please visit this link.


Meet our owner-operator Dominic Bianchini

In 2008 Dominic started hauling for friends and neighbors to make extra money while in high school. He always felt the importance of recycling his loads or donating to local charities. He had great concern for the environment, the increasing pollution in our region and the wrong waste going into our landfills. Learn more ...

Who uses our services

We help many different types of customers and situations such as:
- Home owners in need of an overall home clean up
- Realtors to help their clients get rid of their junk accumulation before placing a house for sale or rent
- Realtors who have their own staging needs and need clutter out of the way
- Estate clean up after years or generations of accumulation
- Construction clean up during development and after completion
- Foreclosures
- Property Managers for both residential and commercial facilities
- Office cleanouts before moving in, for renovation reasons or after a relocation move

Why people choose us

We realize what a challenge it can be to get rid of “things” but our team is here to help you through it and give you back your home so that you can enjoy it. Did we mention that our trucks are much larger than our competitors so, if you are calling around, make sure to ask the cubic yards of the trucks. Our trucks are 20 cubic-yards. Then compare the pricing. We beat them each time! In addition to all of the benefits we offer, we give back on every job to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That’s why our truck cabs are pink! We care about you, the environment and making a difference in the world.