Our services at-a-glance

Junk elimination is what we do. We are prepared to help you unclutter your life and always provide friendly, reliable servicet. Don’t let that junk stand in your way! Call us today for a FREE estimate (415) 320-4987.

We will take anything and everything from any place in your house including the basement, attic, garage, ... you name the place and we will get it. It doesn’t matter if there is a mess everywhere!

Long day of demolishing a house, building, or any other structures? Give us a call and we will remove everything you have torn down so you don’t have to have the pain of demolishing and recycling your project.

Do you have a messy barn you can hardly move around in? Did animals like rats or raccoons made a nest in your barn? We can help! We will remove and clean up any nasty messes that get thrown our way.

Hoarding is a very serious disease that unfortunately many people in this world go through.It can be devastating for the hoarder and also their loved ones. Our team is trained to help get you through a situation like this.

Did you just have a yard sale but you weren’t able to get rid of everything you hoped to? That’s where we come in. We will do our best to donate your leftover items to people in need or recycle as much as possible.

Are you getting starting to get overwhelmed with how much stuff you are accumulating around your whole house or business over the years? It can be very stressful when it gets past a certain point. Call us at (415) 320-4987.

Would it be nice to have a clean garage where to park your car? Before we started this business our own garage got way out of hand. There were boxes of random things not seen in years, ... you name it, it was in there.

Did you inherit a property from one of your grandparents or parents but the property is filled with things you don’t want that have accumulated over a long period of time while they were living there?

A storm hit and you had flooding where you store all of your belongings? Everything now has water damage and can’t be salvaged. We will come in, assess the items that need to be removed and we will take care of them.

We know commercial businesses have a lot of extra things that they need to get rid of. We are capable of helping businesses of all sizes and industry types that don’t have the means or time to take those items away themselves.

Is your office moving in or moving out? If so we can definitely help you clear out these extra items including bulky ones like cubicles or copiers. If you need to be out at a certain time, we can make it happen.

Are you moving your store and do you just have too many things from prior seasons? Old decoration or display cabinets? If you don’t want the hassle of getting rid of it yourself, we are the perfect company for your job.

Does your storage unit rental getting more expensive each year? Does it seems that, every time you go to it, it is becoming fuller but you really don’t know what could be hiding all the way in the back?